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How do you answer the age-old question: So, what do you do?


HR Designs, LLC has teamed up with The Brunch Collective and a local nonprofit, The Chattery, to bring you a workshop on perfecting your elevator pitch.

No more awkward moments when you’re asked the age-old question: so, what do you do? Instead of stumbling to find the words, this workshop will help you craft a memorable and creative professional statement.

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Employing the Homeless: 7 Steps to Make a DIFFERENCE


Over the past 2 months I have been volunteering with the Chattanooga Community Kitchen (CCK) helping homeless individuals in Chattanooga prepare for the job market. Every Thursday after they attend their weekly Employment class (led by Rob Lawrence), I volunteer time to help create/critique resumes and conduct mock interviews, etc.

Some of these individuals have never had a resume before and my role is to help them recognize and celebrate their skill sets/experiences that God has given them and provide encouragement in their pursuit of employment. They are pretty amazing individuals when you sit down and get to know them. I love it when I drill down and start to ask specific questions and they start rattling off all the things they have learned and can do…it is uplifting for them and myself. Every Thursday I leave in awe of their work experiences and how capable these individuals are.

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Learn how to Interview at Startup Week Chattanooga!

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.51.21 PM
HR Designs is presenting a session for Chattanooga’s 2016 Annual Startup Week. Come check it out on Wednesday, October 5 at 2pm (Chicken Salad Chick on Market Street).

The session will be on “The ART of Interviewing with Purpose”. We will discuss the basics of structuring an effective interview session and will learn how to customize the interview for your company’s culture, values, and for a specific position. Register Here!

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The Secret of Effective Motivation

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