About HR Designs

HR Designs is a HR consulting company that wants to redefine the term Human Resources in your organization. There is one thing that we love to work on and that is HR Strategy. Nothing is more exciting than seeing leaders and employees on the same page with the same expectations working to achieve the same goals AND feeling they are treated with respect and are appreciated. When all these systems work together employee productivity skyrockets and there is data to prove it. Find out more by reading the following two articles – Article 1 & Article 2.

HR Designs consults with business and non-profit leaders to reveal how putting in extra effort upfront in the HR arena can pay huge dividends later. So many people think of HR as the people who just hire and fire. And yes, those are important aspects, however there is so much more to the HR function! Sometimes just having a person to bounce ideas off of can change your perspective completely and it’s those brainstorming sessions that are invaluable!

We understand companies are in business to offer a product and/or service, and to generate a profit. Our goal is to help you put HR systems in place to ensure your team of employees is at their optimal level of productivity.