Frequently Asked Questions

What types of companies do you work with?

We can work with corporations of all sizes but our sweet spot is with small to medium sized companies. We love brainstorming with business owners who are anticipating growth and want to be proactive in creating processes so they are well positioned to hire 2 or 50 employees.

How much does your service cost?

HR Designs is flexible on the types of payment plans we accept. Depending on the type of project, scope, and length, we will decide on the payment option that makes sense to all parties involved. For an idea of our rates please visit Packaging and Pricing.

Do you offer services to fill-in for my HR manager that has left the company or is on an extended leave?

Yes, we would love to help if you are going through a tough transition period.

I have an HR person/staff but we are wanting to benchmark our strategies and get a fresh perspective. Can HR Designs help?

Yes, our favorite thing to do is help strategize. Having someone that has worked and seen different industries, and is on top of the latest HR trends can be instrumental when making big cultural or policy shifts.

Do you offer your services on a retainer basis, so we can call you when different issues come up?

Yes, we are available on a retainer basis to provide consultation on your on-going HR strategy and/or when urgent employment issues may arise.