Performance Management Strategies

Do you have a strategy around your hiring and performance management efforts?

The success and productivity of your employees depend on the prep work you put into your careful selection process. A truly strategic hiring process links your company values to your interview questions to your performance evaluations and so on. Creating these strategies is critical for your employees to understand the company’s expectations and paves the way for their promotability. This initial strategizing effort will not only help you find exceptional candidates but it is proven that you will increase employee loyalty over the long term. Find out more by reading the following two articles – Article 1 & Article 2.

In addition to hiring great talent, having a rock solid and consistent hiring and evaluation process, along with trained leaders, will benefit the company from a legal perspective, which equals peace of mind.

Partner with HR Designs to help you build a process that will ultimately define your company!

We can design one or all of the following for your company….

arrow  Develop core company Values and beliefs

arrow  Build an efficient Recruitment process

arrow  Create a robust Interviewing and Selection process

arrow  Design a systematic and consistent Orientation assimilation

arrow  Craft a Performance Evaluation tool that is effective and easy to use

arrow  Consult on a Compensation strategy using market data

arrow  Train employees and create systems for Promoting the best performers

arrow  Establish clear strategies to Retain your top talent