Services We Offer

The HR function is broad and sometimes a company only needs one or two smaller projects completed to be more efficient and productive. The following are examples of areas where HR Designs can work for you!

Strategic HR Planning

Do you have an HR team or someone overseeing one of your biggest cost challenges? Labor costs are a big deal, so don’t you think it’s important to have a strategy around one of your largest cost drivers? HR Designs can offer guidance on how your HR goals can be more aligned with your overall business goals. This is definitely the fun stuff!

Hiring Process

HR Designs can help you develop a strategic approach to ensure your company recruits, selects, and retains top performing individuals. We can recommend proven processes that are customized to your organization.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Not enough time to devote to hiring a key individual? Not willing to pay a high volume staffing agency an enormous percentage when they can’t always take the time to learn your business and specific needs? HR Designs facilitates this critical and time-consuming process for you so you can focus on your business. We provide customized services ranging from creating job descriptions, on-line postings, applicant screening, background checks, pre-employment drug tests, reference checks, and all the legal forms that go into hiring a new person onto your team. We also offer coaching and training to your managers and employees involved in hiring to ensure sustainability.


Create a streamlined process to ensure all employees receive a robust and consistent onboarding experience. A standardized approach that teaches new employees things they need to know to be successful translates into quicker productivity and employee satisfaction!


Ensure your workforce is ready for change, growth, and upcoming leadership transitions by creating a strategic training plan.

Employee Handbook and HR Policy Development

Do you have a handbook? Do you have a handbook that is outdated? Do you have a handbook that nobody adheres to, not even management? HR Designs can partner with your organization to create a handbook that will empower your employees and create a consistent and equitable work environment for all.

Total Rewards

We can create a competitive wage/benefits structure based on market data that will retain and motivate employees to remain loyal and work hard.

Performance Management

Set performance expectations and instill a culture that evaluates/praises employee efforts in a safe and constructive environment.

Organizational Structure

HR Designs can help clarify roles and responsibilities, reporting relationships and align employe objectives to your company’s overall mission.

Communications Strategy

Establish a clear approach to keeping employees updated on company initiatives, vision, and progress in a way that builds a sense of ownership, morale, and pride.

Cost Savings Initiatives

Investigate ways to save money directly from your bottom line through actions that lower premiums for Worker’s Compensation and healthcare insurance, optimize vendor management, eliminate role duplication, apply Lean/Six Sigma practices, and re-enforce retention and referral strategies.

Employee Engagement Surveys & Action Plans

Are you feeling disconnected to your workforce? Are you wondering how your employees are feeling and what the climate is like in your organization? Are there rumors running wild in your facility? HR Designs can conduct a non-biased 3rd party assessment so you have raw employee data on your business climate. In addition and most importantly, we can help you create action plans to ensure your employees are devoted to the success of the business…by eliminating issues affecting their work ethic.

New Manager Assimilation

Do you have a new manager working with you? HR Designs can offer a short assimilation that will share information with the manager’s direct reports that will be instrumental in opening the lines of communication and trust.

Employee Relations Solutions

Do you have a problem child employee or an employee complaint that you just don’t know how to deal with? Or maybe you have a huge employee issue that is slowly getting out of control. HR Designs can investigate and resolve the matter in a quick and timely fashion…freeing up your time to focus on your core business.

Supervisor and Manager training

Do you have an area where your manager(s) struggle? Maybe it is dealing with confrontation, interviewing, giving performance evaluations, fairness or differing communication styles. HR Designs can customize a training and/or coaching package that will fit your needs and your culture.

Employee Information - Documentation Assistance

Are your personnel documents out of control? Do you even keep documents or have a system to ensure compliance? HR Designs can conduct an assessment on what you need to keep and what you can throw away. Laws are ever changing and to have a system in place that keeps you current is a weight off your shoulders.

Drug Free Workplace Plan

Some companies are required by the DOT to maintain a DFWP. HR Designs has lots of experience preparing for government audits. We can help you put practices in place that are compliant and are easy to manage. We can also help companies that voluntarily choose to put a similar practice in place.

Peer Panel Introduction

HR Designs can help you empower your employees to be involved in disciplinary issues that arise against their colleagues by creating a Peer Panel process for your site. This gives employees a chance to own key decisions and takes the blame away from the ‘manager’.

Payroll & Benefits Administration

HR Designs has connections with some of the premier HR software companies in the U.S. We can help you select, customize and coordinate the right vendors to streamline your HR administration…saving you time and money.


These solutions are samples describing our areas of expertise. Please inquire if you have a specific need to see how we can help.