Learn how to Interview at Startup Week Chattanooga!

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HR Designs is presenting a session for Chattanooga’s 2016 Annual Startup Week. Come check it out on Wednesday, October 5 at 2pm (Chicken Salad Chick on Market Street).

The session will be on “The ART of Interviewing with Purpose”. We will discuss the basics of structuring an effective interview session and will learn how to customize the interview for your company’s culture, values, and for a specific position. Register Here!

For entrepreneurs who are just starting out and who have little experience interviewing…this will be super informative! For those who are more experienced in interviewing this will be a good refresher and it may challenge you to raise your bar! Making uninformed hiring decisions can cost your company time, money, and many headaches in the long run… so please come to our FREE session to learn more about the Art of Interviewing!


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