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A knowledgeable Human Resources advising group located in Chattanooga, TN that can partner with you to tackle your strategic HR needs.


Let us assess and build a customized Human Resource solution that will drive your organization’s performance and productivity.


Learn how we can help your company design HR practices that will save you time and money... it all starts with a conversation!
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Human Resource Consulting | HR Designs | Chattanooga

HR Designs is a human resources consulting company in Chattanooga, TN. We specialize in creating value for small to medium-sized businesses by enabling organizations to achieve their quality, performance, and financial goals. Our HR Consulting services help companies capitalize on their most important asset, people.

Our HR Consulting Services can help!

arrow   A start-up needing direction on how to align your employee strategies with your business goals

arrow  A company that is growing and needs to put consistent and reliable HR systems in place

arrow  An established company that is looking for a way to engage and revitalize your work force

arrow  A small business owner looking for HR expertise and a fresh perspective on their current business climate

arrow  An HR manager seeking an unbiased third party viewpoint for an employee relations assessment and/or investigation

arrow  A senior leader that is looking to tackle their hiring and retention challenges

arrow  A business owner that wants to instill Lean/Six Sigma principles to save time and reduce HR costs

Chattanooga was ranked 4th in 2015’s Best Cities to Start a Business out of the entire United States.  There is no better time to own a small to medium sized business given Chattanooga’s support, energy, and entrepreneurial spirit. Human Resources is a critical piece to any successful business model and we want to be your HR Consultant to help you navigate compliance and also ensure your employees are satisfied, challenged, and productive. As your company’s HR consultant we provide peace of mind, a ‘go to’ resource, and the ability to make better and more sustainable business decisions with your employees in mind.