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As an HR professional, I am here to help employees, managers, and owners be successful. Over the last 8 months, I’ve been volunteering every Thursday at the Chattanooga Community Kitchen helping homeless individuals craft their resumes and apply for jobs online. I am starting to see clearly how my ‘learned professional skillset’ can ultimately be used for a much greater good than just in my normal job as an HR consultant. My goal when volunteering (and professionally as well) is threefold (hint: caption above).

First and foremost it is to ENCOURAGE these individuals who have been through much heart ache, loss, and instability. Each person I meet with has God-given skills and I want them to realize (even for a few minutes) how equipped they are to use their skills to find gainful employment and to find stability in their life. At the end of each session, I pray over each person (who allows me to) and ask God for blessings on their lives, finding a stable job, and reconciling broken relationships. My hope is that they can leave that little office with a comfort of knowing God has given them valuable skills and that He loves them.

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