Welcome to HR Designs

HR Designs is now Official. We are off the ground and running as of March 2014!

business card photo

The last few months have been so interesting and I have learned so much about starting my own business. It’s crazy how some things progress so quick and then you come to a stopping point where you have to just wait….and then the process repeats itself.  I have to say I’ve definitely learned patience over the last three months.

Here’s just a few things that I’ve been working on….It’s not been HR related at this point, but I now know all the hard work that entrepreneurs (including my husband) have to put in upfront to achieve the vision inside your head. Such as…

Building a business plan and strategy, conducting market and competitor analysis, finding an awesome website developer (which I did), deciding on logo’s, colors, website layouts.  Writing website content, establishing domain names, inventing my business name, setting up work email, creating a workspace, signing up for and studying for HR certification, partnering with AB Tech (local community college with a great Small Business Center) and government organizations that (who knew) provide so many great and free resources, networking, ordering business cards, determining pricing and contracts, and of course having some fun … even though my husband might say it took the form of stress sometimes 🙂

I still have more work to do before I feel completely established but I’m getting closer and closer day by day and it feels good. I’m anxious and can’t wait to start doing what I love which is helping companies see the benefits and value of strategic HR and being able to witness the impact made!

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